Professional iOS Code Review

Do you want to improve your iOS coding skills?

Are you a beginner looking for professional feedback to boost your learning?

Or perhaps you want to have your interview assignment checked before sending it over?

I can assist you by reviewing your iOS code!

What Can You Expect

  • An in-depth analysis, highlighting areas that could lead to bugs, inefficiencies, or code that does not adhere to best practices.
  • Suggestions for improving your architecture, code structure, readability, and performance.
  • Feedback aimed not only at refining the specific code under review, but also at providing learning opportunities to elevate your overall iOS development skills.

Why Choose My Service?

  • I have over 8 years of experience gained at startups and larger companies (e.g., Spotify, Paramount - previously ViacomCBS). Here's my profile on LinkedIn
  • My goal is not to criticize, but to guide and enhance your skills.
  • Every suggestion will be explained in detail, ensuring you understand the reasoning behind it and how it can improve your code.

How Does It Work?

  1. Send an email to In the email, include the following details about the code you want reviewed:
  • A brief description of the project.
  • The number of lines of code.
  • Your level of experience.
  • If possible, provide a link to a public repository or zipped code. You can also invite me to your private repository at a later stage.
  1. I will respond with a payment link and provide a date by which I can deliver the code review.
  2. Once the payment is received, I will deliver the code review within the agreed-upon deadline.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take your iOS development skills to the next level? Reach out to me today.